Any backyard looks incomplete without well-installed brick pavers. However, a major issue that often arises is the uprooting of pavers due to the roots of trees under them. So, when it comes to cutting or pruning roots, you need to ensure that everything goes very smoothly.

Firstly, cutting or pruning roots under brick pavers highly depends on the kind of tree species you have, its age, size, and overall health. Young trees have a better chance of survival at root pruning in comparison to mature trees. Moreover, trees that are often exposed to high winds aren’t capable of withstanding having their roots cut.

roots under pavers

Here are a few steps you can use to help get rid of roots under brick pavers.

Paver Preparation

The first step is for you to prepare. Here are a few ways to help you do that.

Water the Tree

Start by watering the tree surrounding the brick pavers a few days before you dive into cutting the roof. This step can help your tree survive through the shock of having its roots pruned. Some of the more tolerant tree types include elms, red maple, ginkgo, silver maple, and sycamore. However, there are some trees that probably won’t be able to tolerate the root pruning. Some of these trees include oak, ash, linden, Norway maple, and willow.

Allow the Soil to Dry

The next step of the preparation process includes the drying of the soil. If you walk on wet soil while cutting roots, it causes them to compact. This can end up stressing out your tree before you proceed to root cutting. So, this is why you should allow the soil to dry properly.

Number Your Pavers

Now it’s time to bring out some chalk and number your pavers. This step will help you return them in the right order.

Remove Your Pavers

You can start removing your brick pavers using a pry bar. Now, you can safely set them aside to install later.

Clean Up

Once you’ve removed the pavers and can see the exposed roots, it’s time to clean up any dirt or debris surrounding the roots.

Cutting Roots

After you are through with the preparation process, it’s time to get your ax or chain saw out! You can use any of the two types of equipment to cut the roots of your tree. Make sure that you place them at least five times as far from the trunk of the tree as the width of the trunk. You can calculate the diameter of the tree trunk by putting your math skills to good use!

Also, make sure to cut the roots farther from those trees that are intolerant of root pruning. You can also level out the roots of mature trees using a stump grinder.

Returning Pavers

Once the roots have been cut out, it’s time to return the pavers back to their original place. You can start by covering up the pruned roots using gravel. This helps ensure that the roots don’t return upwards, but rather grow deeper. Also, make sure to water soil at least 12 inches deep to the outer limit of a tree’s branches. The last step is to add a layer of mulch around the base of the tree, which helps the tree recover from the stress of having its roots cut.

All in all, you can either try these steps to get rid of roots under brick pavers or you can just call in the professionals to help you out!

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Can you put pavers over tree roots?

Yes. Using pavers will let water and air to get to the roots, allowing the roots to thrive under the bricks so as not to hurt the tree. Try to use a porous brick with a sand base. Do not use concrete under the bricks or it will cut off the oxygen to the roots. Be aware that tree roots can surface depending on the tree type and could cause the bricks to shift and causing problems especially just around the tree trunk.

How do you put pavers around tree roots?

First prepare the area where the bricks will be and level the surface. Begin laying the bricks, creating a circle around the tree. Place a level across the pavers as you insert them to ensure they are all the same depth. Once completed, use a tape measure and check to make sure the circle is symmetrical around the tree by measuring from the tree trunk to the outer edge of the bricks from every side.

Can you cover tree roots with mulch?

Yes, in fact this is recommended not only for a nice, clean appearance but it helps to hold in moisture around the roots, providing a healthier environment for tree growth. It’s recommended to put a 2 or 3 inch layer of mulch or gravel for a more maintenance free solution.

Will cut tree roots grow back?

Trees like pines, oaks, and maples usually do not grow back and the roots will gradually rot and disappear over time. However more aggressive tree species can sprout from the roots even when the tree is cut down. If a tree doesn’t produce sprouts, then it’s unlikely it’ll grow back.