In order to beautify their property or for other personal reasons, homeowners often install pavers for their patios, sidewalks, driveways, and backyard entertainment areas. Pavers are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, styles, and shapes that enhance your property’s value. With proper installation, pavers need little maintenance and last for a long time.

On the other hand, if pavers are installed incorrectly, the results can be quite damaging, both structurally and aesthetically. The improper installation of a paver base and flawed grading of pavers can cause your pavers to sink. Although it’s recommended to go for expert assistance to repair sinking pavers in Florida, you can also DIY by following these steps.

Paver view at night

Step1: Remove Pavers

While a paving stone sinks, you have to get beneath it to perform any repairs. It’s especially challenging to extract a central paver. However, there are some techniques that can help you with that.

At first, scrape out all the soil and other build up that has accumulated in your paver’s gap from all sides. This way, you get some room to maneuver and get the paver out. You will need a thick wire that can be bent, so you can make a hook and pull out the paver with it. With around four hooks, you can easily lift it from the foundation.

There’s also the option to use a crowbar. However, make sure to shield the surrounding pavers with a small piece of ply or else they can get chipped.

Step 2: Dig Out the Base

Replace the foundation to build a level surface. Although it’s necessary to dig out the base from beneath the paver, don’t eliminate the foundation from beneath the surrounding pavers. For this purpose, dig a 1-inch square on each side.

Step 3: Replace the Foundations

It’s a simple procedure to replace the foundations. Start with the gravel that’s sitting atop the soil. It must be compressed down so it’s laid on the soil in a stable and neat manner. Add a thin sand layer on the gravel – it serves as the paver’s base. Also, compress it to make sure that it’s level with the surrounding pavers’ base and stays fully flat.

Step 4: Replace the Paver

Next, you have to lower the paver into place, which can be quite complex and you will need some assistance. Get two people to make sure that it is lowered properly and the base remains smooth. To complete the task, add sand to the gaps around the pavers’ edges and keep brushing the sand until the area is filled.

It’s understandable to get overwhelmed by the paver repair process, especially as someone who’s never done it before. Therefore, get in touch with us, so we can help you to repair sinking pavers in Florida.

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What do you put under brick pavers?

A layer of gravel, compressed down over the soil and add a thin layer of sand on the gravel and smooth it to make it level. This offers a stable base for the pavers.

Can you use pavers as bricks?

In most cases the answer would be no. Bricks are designed to be installed on walls or sides of a structure and usually are hollowed out in the center of the brick to form a stronger bind between the bricks and cement. Pavers are solid and many times have rounded edges.

Can I fix sinking brick pavers myself?

Yes you can but it is highly recommended to hire a professional brick repair company to do the job correctly. This will assure that the bricks stability lasts and looks good longer and to avoid costly repairs down the road.