How do you fix uneven pavers? If the bricks on your sidewalk, patio or driveway look uneven, you will want to take steps to remediate the unevenness that is stopping your hardscape from looking its very best. 

The unevenness will depend on the design and configuration of your brick pavers. Brick pavers interlock in several different ways, but whichever way they interlock and no matter their design, it is important to keep them all level. However, certain defects could lead to conspicuous level changes to give an uneven look to your brick pavers. How does this happen?

fixing uneven pavers

Brick pavers are installed on a foundation of compacted sand. Over time, the base may undergo changes, due to which the level of brick pavers will alter. You will have to repair the defect in the following ways to make your brick pavers even once more.

Repairing Uneven Brick Pavers 

  • Step 1

Don on work gloves. Extract an uneven brick with the help of a nail bar. Here is how it is done. Notice the seam between the uneven brick and the adjacent brick. You will have to push the nail bar here to pry the brick out. Push the bar downward so that the brick moves up and comes loose. Once it is loose, take out the brick.

  • Step 2

You will now have to compress the sand base to make it even and level. Use the blunt part of the 2 X 4 for this purpose. Use short strokes for compacting the area to make it level.

  • Step 3

Keep the extracted brick back where it came from. Using a rubber mallet you will have to lightly tap the top of the brick till its surface becomes level. 

  • Step 4

Apply screened sand by hand and compact it using the 2 by 4. Use a broom to remove any excess sand.

Potential Issues

If large swathes of the brick have become uneven, then this could entail a lot of work. If you choose to do it on your own then this could mean plenty of hard work on your part.

In addition, you also need expertise and dexterity to ensure that you are setting the bricks correctly so that they do not become loose in the future. You will also need to extract them with care to avoid damaging them. DIY could lead to more harm than good if you have no prior experience with brick pavers. 

Besides a job well done, experts can reduce the hassle by completing repairs quickly. An expert can do the job in much shorter time, ensure quality and save you a lot of trouble. 

Thus, you should entrust your hardscape to the best in the business who understand everything there is to know about brick pavers. 

For repairing uneven brick pavers or any paver related problem, feel free to get in touch with us today.