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Latest from the Blog

  • beautiful brick pavers
    5 Tips to Keep Pavers Looking New
    One of the best ways of increasing the charm and elegance of your home is to maintain the paving stones in good condition....
  • replace sand between brick pavers
    How to Replace Sand Between Brick Pavers
    Sand has an important role to play since it secures brick pavers. The sand also waterproofs the gaps between the brick pavers otherwise...
  • How To Seal Brick Pavers
    How To Seal Brick Pavers
    Pavers are the brick-like slabs that you see on walkways, driveways, and patios. They provide a durable surface to minimize paver maintenance. To...
  • Select A Brick Paver Contractor
    Selecting A Brick Paver Contractor
    Ever need to hire a Brick Paver Contractor and don’t know one? Adding a paver patio or walkway to your home can enhance...
  • Best Methods of Maintaining Brick Pavers
    Best Methods to Maintaining Brick Pavers
    Once you’ve had your brick pavers installed, the goal becomes making them look as new as possible - for as long as possible....
  • Reparing Brick Pavers
    Knowing When Your Brick Pavers Need Replacing
    If you’ve replaced any of the pavers over time, there might be some that don’t match in color. But there are many options...
  • Video Repair Sunken Brick Pavers
    How To Fix Sunken Brick Pavers
    Sunken Brick Pavers Can Be Fixed Watch our video on repairing bad or sunken brick pavers on a recent patio project in Fort...
  • Interlocking Brick Paver Maintenance
    Interlocking Brick Paver Maintenance
    Interlocking Brick Paver Maintenance Tips Here is a another great video that explains proper interlocking brick paver maintenance and keeping your brick pavers...
  • Brick Paver Maintenance
    Caring For Your Pavers
    Brick Paver Maintenance Tips Here is a video that explains proper interlocking brick paver maintenance, and keeping your pavers looking great for years...