Brick Paver Repair for Pool Decks

Do you have broken, sinking, or upheaving pavers and travertine or tile? Platinum Pavers is here to help!

Regular Paver Problems

  • Sinking pavers around decks and patio

Pavers sink because of air pockets on and around your deck and pool. The way we repair sinking decks and patios is by first removing the pavers, then injecting water into the sand. This makes the sand fill the air pockets that caused your pavers to sink in the first place, and also solidifies the sand to make it harder. Then we compact the injected sand, and put more sand above the wet sand to level it out. Finally, we compact the top layer of sand and put the pavers back.

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Brick Separation on Driveways

Brick pavers separate on driveways because of the pressure put on the pavers by numerous things such as your car, and sometimes the cement border to your driveway can get compromised. This will cause the bricks to move even more. How do we fix this? It’s simple. We remove the pavers, and check to see if the sand beneath the bricks has been compromised. If so, we relevel the sand by adding more and compacting it, then put the pavers back into a better spot and remake the concrete border, keeping the pavers tightly where they belong.

Repairing Root Intrusion

Root intrusion is nearly impossible to avoid if you have large plants around your pavers. To remedy this, we remove the pavers and cut the root, then relevel the sand. We next compact it and put the pavers back the way they’re supposed to be

brick separation

Why Us?

In theory you could do this all by yourself. Platinum Pavers really believes in educating people about their pavers, however let it be known that it is back breaking work, and could lead to a multitude of issues if done incorrectly. For example, you could accidentally pop a plumbing or pool pipe while compacting or cause a pool leak. With Platinum Pavers, well, we’re licensed professionals with over 25 years of experience in the business. Leave the tough part to us, and if your pavers sink within a year, we’ll repair it free of charge.

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Brick Paver Repair 05/21/2020