Whether you use them to pave your driveway, walkway, or patio – brick pavers can bring charm and elegance to any setting. They are not only aesthetically appealing but also add value to your home. The only problem is that brick pavers can sometimes crack and break. If you are tired of replacing cracked brick pavers in your home, scroll down to take a look at why brick pavers crack and what you can do about it.   

Why brick pavers crack

Substandard Installation

Faulty installation can cause your brick pavers to damage and break within days. The best way to keep your pavers from loosening is to lay an excellent foundation. The soil beneath the brick pavers should be packed to improve stability. If you are not a pro, it is best to let the professionals handle this job for you! 

Weed Growth  

Weeds are not only unsightly, but they can also cause structural damage to your brick pavers. This can eventually lead to cracks. Your best defense against weeds growing between pavers is maintenance. Sealing your pavers can also help.   

Sealer Is Not Used

Ignoring to seal your brick pavers can lead to a variety of issues, including flaking, cracking, and breaking. Sealing your pavers can protect them from the damage caused by environmental factors such as salts, UV rays of the sun, deicing chemicals, freeze-thaw, etc. Moreover, sealed pavers do not allow for deep water penetration, which is another reason why brick pavers cracks.   

Lack of Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is used to keep brick pavers stable as varying weather conditions cause brick pavers to expand and contract. Lack or absence of polymeric sand can lead to erosion, which in turn can cause cracks to appear!

Type of the Pavers Matter

While pavers are generally durable, they are not all the same. Brick pavers are more susceptible to damage and erosion than other kinds of pavers such as concrete pavers and stone pavers. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can elongate the life of your brick pavers to make them last for a long time!

Now that you know why brick pavers crack, you can prevent them from cracking to keep outdoor areas in top-notch condition. However, keep in mind that a quick-fix or DIY is not always the best approach when it comes to installing or replacing brick pavers. So, reach out to Platinum Pavers today and let our experts handle the job for you. Give us a call at 000-000-0000 or visit our website to learn more about brick paver installation and repair services!