Like other homeowners, you may be wondering, “should I apply a sealer to my brick pavers?”

You certainly should. Here are the pros and cons of sealers for brick pavers that you should know about.

Pros and Cons of Brick Paver Sealers


Sealing Your Brick Pavers

Brick pavers have the geometric design and aesthetic appeal necessary for an attractive looking hardscape. However, they need added protection so that they can last longer and provide a robust base for your driveway and patio.

Sealers are necessary to prolong the lifespan of your brick pavers. Not only will the sealer preserve the beauty of your brick pavers so that they look as good as new for a long time to come, but it will also greatly enhance the texture and looks of your brick pavers.

The sealer will impart a glossy finish that will accentuate the vibrant hue of your brick pavers.


Brick pavers are fairly durable, but even they cannot be completely resistant to the elements. As with everything else, they are susceptible to some extent to harsh conditions like wind, rain, dust, debris and the harsh glare of the sun. All of these elements can take their toll eventually on your brick pavers no matter how durable they are.

Thus, to keep their brick pavers in pristine condition, smart homeowners apply sealers. The sealer film can create a barrier that makes the brick pavers more resilient towards grime, dust, debris, grease, water and other substances. Sealed brick pavers are more resistant to staining and discoloration that can negatively impact the natural look of your brick pavers.

Sealers provide an effective barrier against water which can possibly seep into the pores of your brick pavers and eventually damage them. Apply sealer to keep water from damaging your brick pavers.

Keep Out Unwelcome Houseplants

The growth of weed, moss, mold and fungus do much more than just make your beautiful brick pavers look ugly. The proliferation of unwanted ‘houseplants’ like weed can mean havoc for your brick pavers. As these undesirable elements start taking hold, their roots can penetrate and damage your brick pavers.

The sealer provides an essential layer of protection for your brick pavers against damaging flora. Your property will also appear well maintained and clean in the absence of these elements.

Cost Saving

Sealers can help you to save more money in the long term. Since the sealer coating can keep your brick pavers looking fresh for longer and extend their lifespan, you will not have to rebuild your hardscape as often. Rebuilding and replacing your hardscape less frequently translates into sizable cost savings in the long run. A little maintenance can go a long way and this especially holds true for brick paver sealers.

Sealer Cons

You might be wondering that as with everything else there must be a catch somewhere with respect to sealers. Yes, there is.

Not all sealers are the same. Some are less effective than others. There can also be cost differences between sealer varieties.

That is why you should consult with brick paver pros to find out about the best brick paver sealers.

We can recommend the best sealers proven to give great results. Our long experience has given us sharp insights into the best brick paver sealers for you.

Contact us today for the best sealers and brick paver maintenance.