Brick pavers are a fine solution for outdoor flooring since they are so attractive and durable. Since they are so hard wearing, they require little maintenance. This is a key reason for their continued popularity throughout the ages. For easy maintenance, you can replace brick paver sand. However, the sand between the pavers is not as rugged. Brick pavers are often exposed to the harsh elements like rainfall and sun. As a result, brick paver sand may be lost over the passage of time. Even routine washing can cause the sand between the brick pavers to flow away.

replace sand between brick pavers


Sand has an important role to play since it secures brick pavers. The sand also waterproofs the gaps between the brick pavers otherwise water will infiltrate very easily. Weed may start growing as a result. Frustrated homeowners can attest how difficult it is to get rid of annoying weeds. The sand that lies in the gaps between brick pavers is the key to its strength. Thanks to the sand, brick pavers will not move relative to each other and will stay in place. When the brick paver sand is dislodged it should be replaced otherwise, the brick flooring may lose its structural integrity.

If the sand gets washed away, you can replace it by pouring in joint sand. Don’t worry if all of it does not get into the gaps. The sand that has fallen outside the gaps can be directed into the cracks simply by using a broom. So sweep the brick paver floor with a broom until all the sand is cleared.

Filling The Gaps

Fill up the gaps till the sand is at a quarter inch depth from the brick paver surface.
The sand used to secure brick pavers is a special kind of sand. It is commonly found in hardware stores.
To prevent the sand from getting washed away, it is a good idea to seal the paver surface. The sealing will also lend greater aesthetic appeal to the brick pavers. Just like any other glue, the sealing holds the sand particles together so that they are not washed away as a result of the rain or pressure washing.

The sealer can last for a number of years. It should be replaced to ensure continued protection for your brick paver system. You should wash the brick pavers and reapply the seal so that the brick paver installation becomes as good as new. Resealing will also bolster the resistance of your brick pavers to moss and weed.

The sealing also helps the joint sand to stabilize. It is therefore a measure that you can take to maintain the longevity of your brick paver flooring. Besides stabilizing the sand in the paver joints, the sealer will also keep your brick pavers free from rust, oil, grease and other stains.

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