Ever need to hire a Brick Paver Contractor and don’t know one? Adding a paver patio or walkway to your home can enhance its beauty and functionality – and value. But these additions must be properly planned, integrated and installed, or you could very well find your investment falling apart in no time at all. So how do you ensure that this doesn’t happen? Hiring the right brick paver contractor is a must. Here’s some tips on selecting the right one so that you get the dream project you are envisioning.

Ask The Right Questions

There are questions that you should ask yourself before you even reach out to a contractor. Research product manufacturers online to get an idea of what you are interested in. Then find out:

• Is there a warranty or guarantee period? If so, how long?• What colors can you pick from?

• Are designs and borders available?

• How readily available is your product?

• Do they use lower quality materials?

• Are the contractors I’m researching licensed and insured?

• What are the contractor reviews like online?

• What are the contractor skill sets and experience? Do they show before and after pics?

Once you begin the process of contacting the brick paver contractor(s), ask them specifics including if they have a list of references, do they subcontract anything, what is their timeline, do they supply estimates, contract terms and payment information? Find out if they will be responsible for any applicable permits or licenses.

Other Considerations

It’s also recommended that you look at the contractor website to view any applicable information including photos of past projects, how their designs compliment the rest of the landscaping and home, as well as if there are reviews. If not listed, ask about their base installation and grading strategies, their design input, the types of brick paver stones available including colors, sizes, shapes and patterns. One of the most important questions to ask: proper drainage and water absorption, as this can affect other elements of your landscaping including trees, bushes, flowers, and most importantly, the foundation of your home.

Although doing all of this homework may seem exhausting, it will definitely pay off in the end as you will be well-educated about the paver project you wish to create, and better able to select the right contractor who is aligned with your creative ideas and vision.